Welcome to the world of 3D-printing

Join the frontline of 3D revolution with Prenta 3D printers. We will change the world!


Prenta Oy is a forerunner in 3D printing, a company that makes 3D printing easier, faster, and better quality for industry, businesses, and schools alike.

We are the leading equipment manufacturer in Finland, specializing in 3D printers using FDM technology. All Prenta printer models are designed and manufactured entirely by hand in Finland. The company’s office is located in Kangasala, next to Tampere.

Interest in 3D technology and the desire to evolve drive us forward. We are passionate about 3D printing, producing 3D printers and developing our company.

We manufacture 3D printers and sell 3D printing materials in our online store.

The 3D print service is also part of our range. We are available for both individual items and small series production. We are happy to answer any questions about 3D printing.


Prenta Duo XL SE

The closed structure of the Prenta Duo XL SE provides stability for printing and active carbon filtration reduces particulate emissions.

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Prenta Duo XL SE+

Like the Prenta Duo XL SE, but with an even larger print range, the maximum height of the Z-axis is 450mm.

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Our 3D training, modelling and printing services can be found here.

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